We are a small Magazine Publisher with a focus on Cyberpunk Science Fiction based in Worthing, England and Zurich, Switzerland. We love pieces which experiment with Narrative Techniques through their strong style and characterisation.

The magazine is distributed in an A5 format on 44 pages and is released alongside an E-Zine version bimonthly (once every two months). The E-Zine versions have various extra art, story and interactive dimensions to them whereas the print version is distributed in full colour and on high gloss paper.

We insist on paying our contributors a decent rate for their writing. As such we pay £0.02 ($0.03) per word and for this we expect to purchase First World English Rights, Anthology Rights and Non Exclusive Reprint rights from those who choose to submit work.

Your source for cutting edge Science Fiction.

How our Digital E-Zine Magazine works:
Subscribers to our print Magazine will recieve our electronic Tablet optimised version with music and interactive elements alongside a DRM-free PDF version, free of charge. These issues are special because your access goes back through the whole catalogue of our fiction. Upon finalising your subscription you will recieve our ‘Code-Book Newsletter’ granting you passwords which allow you to read anything we’ve published, past and present!

Here is a sample of how our E-Zine Functions:

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